Deacon Nominations

Submit your deacon nominations here

How do I nominate a deacon?

1) READ: 1Tim. 3:8-16; Acts 6:1-7

2) PRAY: Ask God for guidance.

3) ASK: Ask the nominee.

4) NOMINATE: Write name in.

Qualifications for Deacons:

  • Dignified
  • Not double-tongued
  • Not addicted to much wine
  • Not greedy for dishonest gain
  • Hold they mystery of the faith with a clear conscience
  • Be tested first
  • Proven blameless
  • Wives must be dignified, not slanderers, sober minded, and faithful in all things.
  • Husband of one wife
  • Manages their children/household well

(1 Timothy 3:8-13)