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PBCA Annual Bike-A-Thon

May 17th, 2019

About our Bike-A-Thon

Every year the students of PBCA complete a Bike-A-Thon in May. A bike-a-thon is a fundraising event that is similar to a walk-a-thon, however instead of walking, participants are biking. Our goal is to earn funds to send our High School students to International Student Convention as well as renovate our gymnasium. The participants bike a predetermined course and commit to raising money. Students will have a fund raising packet this year that they can use to collect donations.

How you can help!

If you know a student, staff or community member participating in the bike-a-thon and you would like to donate to their cause you can do so by filling out the form below. Just make sure to fill out the "Sponsoring" sections so we know who you are supporting. If you would like to give a general donation to the bike-a-thon you may do that using the form below also. Follow the "Give Now" Button below to complete your donation.

Want to use a check or donate cash?

Mail Us At: 1863 County Highway 107, Amsterdam NY 12010.

Or you can stop into the office anytime and give.

**Checks should be made out to Perth Bible Church. Please specify in the memo "Bike-A-Thon" if you are supporting a particular rider please include their name on the memo line as well.

We've added something New!

This year not only are we asking the children and staff of PBCA to bike for PBCA, but we are opening up the opportunity to YOU! If are interested in being sponsored and riding in our bike-a-thon you can sign-up using the button below . You can use this form to have people pledge per mile or give an over all donation by mentioning your name when they give.


How to give online:

  1. Type in the amount in "Amount."
  2. Select "Bike-A-Thon" from the drop down next to "Give to:"
  3. Enter your card number
  4. Enter your name
  5. "Cover Fees?" If you choose to cover the fees your biker will receive the full given amount instead of having fees subtracted.
  6. Click "Give $(Your Amount)" to submit your payment.