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Weekly Prayer Bulletin

02/1/23Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 2/01/2023

Church Family

Dalila Goodspeed- She is scheduled for a C-Section this Friday and having some complications with her pregnancy. Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby and for Dalila's recovery time.

Vicki Wilson- My brother in law in NC is in ICU with a collapsed lung and other issues. Please pray for his healing and for my sister, as she has no family down there to be there for her.

Jeff Merenes- Had a heart procedure (ablation) to stabilize his rhythm on Tuesday, which turned out to be very long but it went well. He is recovering at home now and he and Linda ask for your prayers for continued healing and rest.

Ben Allen (student) had a skiing accident and injured his spleen. He did not need surgery and is out of the hospital on bed rest. Pray for complete healing as he will need to remain inactive for a while.


Carole Allen's brother needs surgery on his leg, but hasn't been cleared for surgery due to health issues. Pray that his health would improve and he would be able to have the operation soon.

Portia- 8 yr.old battling Leukemia for the 2nd time and her condition has worsened recently. She is very weak. Please Pray for healing and that God would strengthen and comfort her family during this difficult time.

Ted and Lois Knapp- Pray for their ongoing health concerns with Lois's lung cancer, fluid in her lungs and body swelling, as well as Teds heart condition.

Donna Rockwell is in a nursing care facility and not able to be at home. She has dementia and some physical disability. Pray for Leon to stay healthy as he takes care of the home and visits Donna every day.

Beth Allen - Pray for her as she deals with her brain tumor. Pray that her headaches and other issues would lessen and not be so severe. She is not able to undergo radiation or surgery and chemo treatments are not recommended. Pray for God's continued Grace, Comfort and Encouragement in her life.