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Weekly Prayer Bulletin

09/27/23 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 9/27/23

Church Family

Jeff Gruet family - Continue to Pray for the family and especially for Linda, as they adjust to the passing of father and husband Gib Gruet.

B.J. and Kristina Mayer - Continue to pray for Baby Theo and for his Bilirubin numbers to come down, he's still a bit jaundice.

Kelly Dutcher- Severely injured her leg, tearing cartilage in her knee. Pray for swift healing and increased mobility.

Stephanie Engle- Continue to pray for her stepmom, Gabby. She has Liver Disease as well as Lupus. She is very tired and often in a lot of pain.

Trisha Rodreguez- Prayers for my father Larry, he is in his final stage of Parkinson’s disease.

Ellie Barber- Please pray for her health and comfort. She is not getting enough oxygen and has a lot of swelling in her legs. Pray for the Calhoun family as they care for her at home.

Marylou Brumley- Is being treated for a brain tumor. Pray for her and the family as she goes through the treatments, for God's healing, strength and peace.

(Grace Lewis) Pray for preemie baby Wyatte, 1 lb. 30z. He had major surgery on his intestines recently. Pray for his mother Mariah and 2yr. old Rosa while Grace and others care for her. Pray for God's healing hand to be upon Wyatte and for His Peace, Comfort and Salvation for the family.

Beth Allen- Pray for her health concerns with her brain tumor.

Missionary Family

The Butlers - Praise they arrived safely last week and now are traveling in Canada for 2 weeks to visit Sharon's family and supporting churches.

Glenn and Dorothy Budd (Peru) are traveling through NY this fall and will be speaking at Perth Bible Sunday Oct. 1. Pray for safety and good health as they visit several churches and supporters, for continued funds to meet their needs, and for the ministry and leaders back in Chiclayo, Peru. Pray also for peace from political unrest there.

Jed and Amy Appell (Indonesia) Pray for Jed as this is his first year of being Administrator of the school, a big change from teaching. Pray also for 7 of their children in school there ranging from 1st to 12th Grade, for Ruth away at college and Amy at home with the youngest and doing ministry with families in their community. Pray for continued good health, strength and stamina.

Chip and Tammy Welton (Canada) Pray for Chip as he travels to different countries to visit Ministry Teams. He will be going to Peru this fall. Pray for Political Peace throughout S. America.

Pray for their teams in the Congo. There is much unrest and it is very dangerous there now. Pray for ministry leaders in Ukraine and the work to continue as there is much need with all the hardship as the war continues. Pray for Chip and Tammy as they continue to Serve the Lord in Calgary and their local area, and that their family would continue to grow in the Lord.