Weekly Prayer Bulletin

9/21/2021 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates –09/22/21

Church Family

Pray for Linda Gardner as her husband Jim passed away recently.

Continue to Pray for Donna Rockwell and her ongoing health issues and needs. Pray for strength for Leon as he cares for her while she is house bound.


Joel and Rachel Shelley (WOL, Philippines) Praise! The shipment they sent from California in July arrived this week in the Philippines. They are excited to unpack everything and start using it for ministry. Praise The Lord!

Mark and Babe Smith (British Columbia) Pray for those who were affected by recent wild fires near Lillooet, many lost homes in a nearby town. Mark and Babe were helping a few who had to evacuate. Pray for several close friends and families in their Fellowship who are in great spiritual and physical need, that their faith will be strengthened.

Jed and Amy Appell (Indonesia) Pray for them as they wait to return to the mission field. (Travel to the country has been postponed until further notice.)  Pray for them as they navigate through life here, their children who have entered school, and for their daughter Ruth who started Bible College in Wisconsin this Fall and will be away from family.

Dan and Ginny Bryant (Senegal, W. Africa) They have returned to Dakar and are living in a new home. Pray as they all adjust to being back and for Tobiah and Simkha in school. They have also taken another young man into their home. Pray for him to grow in the Lord while he is there.

This is Hot and Humid Season in Dakar and it can be very uncomfortable. Please Pray for their health, strength, energy and stamina during this time. Pray for their financial needs to be met and that God would supply more monthly support. Pray for their two older boys, Corbin and Elijah, staying in the States with relatives to work.

Chip and Tammy Welton (Canada) They will be in New York this fall helping Tammy's mom sell her house and relocate. Pray for them as they travel and visit supporters and churches in the area.