"Pray without ceasing..."  1 Thessalonians 5:17


Prayer Updates  6/19/24

Church Family & Friends

Ali Badalato's  (Mason Calhoun's Fiancée) grandfather, Tony, had a stroke (TIA) and is currently in the hospital.  He has some facial drooping and weakness on his right side.   He may be able to go home Wednesday or Thursday.  Please pray for his recovery and that he will not need inpatient Rehab.  Pray for wisdom for the doctors treating him, and encouragement and comfort for the family during this difficult time.

Michele Jurcsak- Please pray for salvation for her family and especially her elderly father whose health is failing.  This has been a great burden on Michele's heart. Pray for God's comfort and peace.

Rebecca Krolikowski- Has Liver Cancer and recently underwent surgery to remove some of her liver.  Please Pray for her recovery and successful treatment of the cancer.

Kristina Fisher- Pray for continued recovery from Bronchitis.

Strong Family- (Isaiah/ Rachel) Pray for their children's continued healing from ENT Procedures for tonsilitis and ear infections.

Mary Waite- Continue to pray for healing and physical comfort for her father who has many health issues. He is no longer at the nursing home and is being cared for at home by his elderly wife and some others.  Pray for wisdom for the Doctors and nurses caring for him and strength for the family.

Ed Leonard- Continue to pray for healing and strength for ongoing health issues and weakness.

Kitty's Daughter, Jennifer- Pray for successful treatment of her PTSD and for Kitty to be supportive and an encouragement.  Pray for Kitty as she plans a family trip with her elderly Dad, that all would go smoothly and the family will get along well.

Emma (Stephanie Engle's oldest daughter)-is expecting a little boy.  Pray for the remainder of her pregnancy to go well, a healthy baby and God's wisdom for Emma and her boyfriend.

Kelly Dutcher- She will be having surgery on her knee again on July 9th. Pray that this will correct the problem with the cartilage and that she will recover quickly.

Katie DeMaria- She is showing some improvement, but still struggling with her mental health. Continue to pray for wisdom and discernment in her treatment. Pray for Colleen to be encouraged and strengthened in the Lord.

Marlene Duesler - Continue to Pray for improvement with her eyesight and that her eye pressure will go down.

Beth Allen- Continue to pray for her vision to improve and overall health. Her brain tumor is growing. Please pray that it would stop and not become more debilitating. Pray for God's continued Grace and Peace and for Garth, too.

Missionary Family

Glenn and Dorothy Budd- (Peru) Pray for the New Hope Pregnancy Center in Chiclayo, for its leadership and continued growth. Pray for the many young women they connect with to come to Christ for Salvation and choose life for their babies. Pray also for continued growth of New Life Church and wisdom for the Pastor and his wife. Pray for Glenn and Dorothy as they transition into part time retirement and serve 6 mos. at a time on the field.

Joel and Rachel Shelley (WOL, Philippines) -Praise for progress on their house. Pray that construction will remain on target and that they will be able to move in by the end of June.   Pray the following for the Summer Camp Season: *Receptive hearts as the gospel message is shared!
*Wisdom for each of the counselors as they listen and share God's Word with the campers! *For the speakers communicating God's Word! *Safety for all the campers and staff! *Physical strength and good health for each of the camp crew, counselors and staff! *Favorable weather each day!
*A special week of camp for each camper - for an eternal impact in their lives!

Dan and Ginny Bryant - Pray for Dan as he will be teaching some new discipleship classes and doing some traveling. Pray for Ginny as she balances teaching with home life and other ministry responsibilities. Pray for the family concerning school and work decisions and for everyone's continued health.

Sheryl O'Bryan- (Interaction Int'l. /Third culture Kids) Pray for Sheryl's Dad who injured his back and is in a wheelchair. Pray that he would regain his strength and start walking again so he does not lose mobility. This is a burden for Sheryl as she is his sole caretaker. She asks prayer for wisdom in his future care. Pray for her ministry with Missionary families and coordinating training and teaching classes for mission organizations.

Alejandro and Ester Teper (WOL Argentina) Pray for God's protection and peace as they are battling Spiritual Warfare as well as physical difficulties and health issues. They Praise God for His Faithfulness and the fruit they are seeing at Word of Life Bible Institute and camps.