Weekly Prayer Bulletin

10/14/2020 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 10/14/20

Petra Kelly- (10 months old) Had surgery on Monday on her Colostomy. Pray for quick healing and recovery and no complications. Pray also for her parents, Emily and Nathan, to have peace, patience and strength as they care for her.

Ted and Lois Knapp- Pray for healing and recovery from various health issues they are both experiencing. Previously Lois was receiving chemo treatments for breast cancer and Ted for prostate cancer. Praise that treatments have stopped and cancer is in remission or gone. Pray for their safety and protection as travel back to Florida soon for the winter.

Gary Allen -Pray for Gary as he has a hernia and will need surgery soon to repair it.

Raelynn Lis and daughter Jane. Pray for them to find a new place to move into. Pray for emotional and spiritual support and stability.

Karen- (friend of Linda and Jeff Merenes) She has cancer and is having chemo therapy and will be having a hysterectomy following the chemo treatment. Please pray that God would remove the cancer and restore her health, and bring her closer to Him.


Marissa Maness (daughter of Glenn and Janet Sebast)

She has Brain Cancer. Her treatments were stopped when MRIs taken this summer showed growth in the tumors. However, the tumors also changed in a way that makes them more favorable to treatment. (The Doctors had never seen this happen before). She is back on bi-monthly IV treatments, chemo and soon radiation. Marissa is very weak. Continue to pray for her strength and healing.

Jed and Amy Appell-(Asia-Pacific)

Praise the Lord for opportunities to speak in various churches since returning to the U.S. in July. They are currently receiving only 60% of their needed support. Please Pray that they can reach at least 75% before returning to the field. Pray for safety and protection during all their travels. Praise for getting caught up on doctor and dentist visits. Pray for Amy’s eye exams coming up soon and for some of the kids who might need glasses. Pray also for Amy’s hernia to be repaired. She developed it shortly before returning to the States.

Jeff and Sharon Butler- 

*Pray for our residency permit to be granted.

*Pray for our ministry teams and our time management in helping others. 3 new interns have arrived who we are responsible for and the church team is under a lot of stress. 

Pray for our e-team who we have been ministering with online and that we would be able to add some discipleship to the process.

Glenn and Dorothy Budd- Thank you for praying for Peru. Although there are still many restrictions it is starting to open up a bit. Continue to pray for several in our Chiclayo Church who are recovering from the Virus. 

After 15 years we have had to close our New Hope Pregnancy Center as Covid restrictions have made it impossible to continue providing services. We thank God for the direction from our Board and the unity in this decision. Please pray that we would be able to continue counseling online and provide virtual support and guidance.

Praise that both of us have had good health check-ups and results from Dorothy’s Thyroid and colon tests came back negative for cancer. Please Pray that the Lord will provide the funds needed to pay for the medical expenses.

Pray for flights to open up again soon in Peru.