Weekly Prayer Bulletin

6/09/2021 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates – 6/9/21

Church Family

Ben Lewis (Grace’s son) - Recently had surgery to reverse an ileostomy and was starting to recover. This past week he developed a swelling of blood and an infection at the site. He was readmitted to Albany Med to have the infection drained and put on antibiotics. Please Pray for continued healing and recovery.(He is back home now)

Jessie George – Recently fell and severely broke her wrist and needed reconstructive surgery. Please Pray for her recovery and her spirits to be uplifted. (Calls and visits appreciated)


Colleen DeMaria- Requests prayer for her friend Maggie who has cancer and the outlook is not good. Pray for God’s healing and that Colleen will have opportunity to share the gospel with her.


Judy Frederick’s son, Bruce, has had a serious stroke and needs fervent prayer for healing and salvation. Her Son-in Law Jeff has mouth and throat cancer. Pray for healing.


Glenn and Dorothy Budd (Peru) Urgent prayer needed for the presidential elections in Peru between a Marxist candidate and one from a corrupt family. There is much fear among the Peruvians. Pray for Christians there to be strengthened and encouraged in God’s Word and that missionaries would be able to continue to minister and share the Gospel.

Pray for Cecilia, a Pastor’s wife in Peru and good friend. She has a brain tumor and needs surgery. Pray for the doctors and surgeons, that the operation would be successful and her pain would be relieved.


Joel and Rachel Shelley (Philippines)- Praise the Lord, they made it to Calif. to deliver a container of equipment and supplies to be shipped to the Philippines. Joel’s father (truck driver) was able to pick up a freight load for his return trip to VA., which will pay for all his travel expenses.

Please Pray for Joel and Rachel as they are currently driving back to PA., making stops along the way to visit supporters. Continue to pray for God’s leading in their plans to return to the Philippines.


Jeff and Sharon Butler:  

Sharon had shoulder surgery in April and is now having physical therapy treatments. Pray for healing and recovery and improved range of motion.

Chip and Tammy Welton (Canada) Pray for the recent surge of Covid in Canada to diminish so restrictions can be lifted and the borders can be opened up. Pray that they would be able to help Tammy’s mom sell her house in Gloversville, pack and move in the near future.

Mark and Babe Smith (British Columbia) Request prayer for several close friends and families in their Fellowship who are in great spiritual and physical need. Pray for their faith to be strengthened and to continue to put their trust in the Lord. Pray for Mark and Babe to be able to minister to those who are struggling and hurting.