Weekly Prayer Bulletin

09/21/22 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 09/21/22

Church Family

Prayers and Sympathy for the Rodriguez and Greco Families as Cecelia Rodriguez went home to the Lord last Wednesday morning.

Linda Gardner - Pray for healing from Covid, a quick recovery and no long term affects.

Jessie George - Pray for her continued healing and recovery after having surgery to repair her leg, and for strength to get around and become more mobile. She will need another surgery on her hip when she has healed from this one. Pray also for her husband Steve during this time as he is working full time and taking care of Jessie and the home.

Mason Calhoun- Continue to pray for the situation with the lump that was found on his throat. Pray that it is benign and can be removed.

Lois Knapp- Pray for her as she continues to struggle with breathing and congestion/fluid in her lungs. Pray for encouragement, strength and healing. Pray for doctors to have wisdom in treating her condition. Praise that Ted is doing better.

Donna Rockwell is in a nursing care facility and not able to be at home. She has dementia and some physical disability. Pray for Leon to stay healthy as he takes care of the home and visits Donna every day.

Beth Allen - Pray for her as she deals with her brain tumor. Pray that her headaches and other issues would lessen and not be so severe. She is not able to undergo radiation or surgery and chemo treatments are not recommended. Pray for God's continued Grace, Comfort and Encouragement in her life.


Dan and Ginny Bryant (Senegal) Pray for their daughter Simkha(16) who developed a serious and rare eye disease and has lost 50% of her vision. She and Ginny are in the U.S. and have been seeing Eye Specialists. Pray that they would find a treatment. Praise for many answered prayers that have made this possible and a friend who paid for their airfare. Pray for God's comfort and peace and a good outcome.

Joel and Rachel Shelley (Philippines) Pray for them as they will be moving to a different ministry location in the Philippines with Word of Life. They will be living at the Seaside camp on the Island of Mindanao and serving with the team there, where more staff is needed. They will be ministering in much the same capacity as they have been. Pray for them as they will have to learn a new dialect! Pray for the new house being built for them and to be finished in time for them to move in. Pray for the new couple who will be coming to work with the Laguna team at the Bible Institute and moving into Joel and Rachel's house there. Praise for Patrick who worked with Joel and will take over as IT Tech at Laguna. Praise for the new water system and tank that was installed at Mindanao.

Chip and Tammy Welton (Can.) Pray for Tammy's mother Margaret who is recovering from hip surgery. Pray for their travel this fall as they visit family in Ohio and NY and prepare for our mission conference.

Glenn and Dorothy Budd (Peru) - Praise the Lord that they were able raise more support and their financial needs have been met. Pray as they travel to the States in Sept/October to visit supporting churches and friends in PA. and NJ.

Jed and Amy Appell (Asia Pacific)- Pray for Jed teaching at the school and their children attending school. Pray for Amy as she spends time at home with the younger children and ministers to others in the community. Pray for oldest daughter Ruth as she attends Pensacola Christian College in FL. and will be away from family.