Weekly Prayer Bulletin

6/24/2020 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 6/24/20

Prayers and Sympathy for the Curtin Family: Donna Curtin passed away earlier this month in NC. She was 92.

A Celebration of Life was held on June 13. Pray that her testimony will live on and that her friends and neighbors would trust in the Lord.

Katie DeMaria: Struggling with emotional issues.

Marie Edenhoffer- Continue to pray for healing from cancer which has been spreading through her body. She recently had a bone scan which showed some improvement.

Phyllis Canary- She is in a nursing home and her health is declining. She has been confused and agitated and showing signs of dementia. She is also struggling with depression and anxiety. Pray for wisdom for her caregivers as they seek the best treatment and medication for her condition.

Pray for God to comfort her and fill her with His peace. 

Jane Lis (Raelyn’s daughter) is suffering from headaches.

Pray that they would find a good treatment to relieve the pain.


Chip and Tammy Welton (OAC/Worldwide Proclamation, CAN)  Praise: Chip was able to start street ministry again in Calgary last week. Please Pray for upcoming meetings and an opportunity to preach this Sunday June 28 at Bethel Church in Three Hills, Can.

Also please pray for:

1. More countries to allow for open air meetings.

2. Lasting fruit and churches to be planted from the ministry

3. Wisdom about planning out of country trips.

4. Power, liberty, anointing to proclaim the truth boldly and in love.

5. Hedge of protection from the attacks of Satan and his demons.


Glenn and Janet Sebast- Rock of Ages, FL.

Praises: Glenn received his Master of Divinity degree in May.

-We have been able to send some preaching DVDs and 300 devotionals to correctional facilities during the lockdown.

Pray that the Gospel would reach many of the inmates and for their salvation. Pray that we will be able to resume our visitation ministry to prisons soon as they have begun to open up. Pray for our daughter Marissa still struggling with brain cancer and having significant weakness on her left side. The Dr. has readjusted her treatment and she will have another MRI next month.

Joel and Rachel Shelley- (WOL Philippines)

Praise that we were able to hold some Virtual Camp sessions online this spring and that many attended and heard the Gospel. Praise for several students who were able to graduate from the WOL Bible Institute in the Philippines.