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Weekly Prayer Bulletin

2/28/24 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Updates 2/28/24

Church Family

Grace Lewis' Niece and her husband just lost their 2 month old daughter suddenly, Sunday Night. They are also cousins to Marcus Eaton. Please Pray for the Cooper and Doomy families as they grieve this loss, and for God's Grace and Peace to abound. (The couple also has 2 other young daughters).

Katie DeMaria- Pray for stability in her life and that she would find housing or long- term care at a facility.

Angel - A single mom raising 2 boys (2 &4 yrs.) Pray that she would get the assistance she needs and for her to find a good paying job. Pray for her and her older son as they struggle with mental health issues. Pray for her Spiritual growth and encouragement and that she will be able to attend church. She desires to be a light to her family and to be Baptized later this spring.

Care Portal Ministry- Pray for members of Perth Bible Church as they reach out to families in need. Twenty-one children have been ministered to already. Pray for their families to be blessed and encouraged and for them to hear the Gospel and receive Jesus. Pray that their physical needs will be met through donations. Pray for a family of six (four children) in ST. Johnsville who have been living in a motel for almost a year and getting ready to move into their new home. Pray that our time spent with them and the items we were able to provide has planted the seeds.

Baby Grayson - (1yr.old from Mayfield) Is being treated for 3 large brain tumors. A recent MRI shows that they are shrinking. He will be going to Boston to have a stem cell procedure done. Pray for the Doctors to have wisdom and skill as the work on Grayson, for Grayson's strength and healing, and for his family to have peace and draw near to God during this difficult time.

Baby Wyatte - Continue to pray for his health, strength and growth. Pray for his mom Mariah and sister Rosa. The family recently lost everything in a fire. Praise, they have found a place to live and will be moving in soon. Pray that the Lord will provide for all their needs.

Beth Allen- Continue to pray for her vision to improve and overall health. Her brain tumor is growing. Please pray that it would stop and not become more debilitating. Pray for God's continued Grace and Peace and for Garth, too.

Mary Waite (online request) Please pray for my 83 yr. Old Dad & my 82 yr. Old Mom they have so many health problems & it's giving them anxiety. Please also pray for my husband's bad addictions.

Missionary Family

Gary and Carole Allen- Praise! They arrived safely in Turkey. Continue to pray for their safety and protection, housing needs and a fruitful outreach.

Joel and Rachel Shelley- Praise! The building of their new house has begun! The foundation is in, scaffolding is up and welders are welding trusses for the roof. Praise for the team effort! Pray for Rachel as she travels to Laguna this week for the Word of Life Philippines Board of Trustees meeting.

Trip to Benin, W. Africa- Darby Jensen and Josh Loveless arrived safely in Benin with their construction team. They are helping our missionaries, the Marshalls with a building project. (Feb 23-Mar 8). Pray for their safety, all the travel arrangements, and that they would get much accomplished.

Jeff and Deanne Davoll- (Ecuador) Pray for the political unrest in Ecuador. It has become dangerous to live there. Pray for protection and peace and for Jeff as he continues to minister to those in law enforcement.

Sheryl O'Bryan- Pray for her dad Walt recovering at a rehab center from a fall earlier this winter badly injuring his leg. Pray for Sheryl's ministry with Missionary Kids and teaching training classes.

Chip and Tammy Welton (Canada) Pray for Chip's trip to Bolivia in this month to minister to their team there. Pray for Tammy's mother, Margaret as she recovers in rehab from a broken hip and surgery.

Jed and Amy Appell (Asia- Pacific) 1. Pray for the Hillcrest School and Jed (administrator) as they start a new semester. 2. Pray for Steve the new secondary principal who just arrived with his family. 3. Pray for Amy to balance her time between caring for the family and home, helping Jed and ministering to other women. 4. Pray for the people group "M" who recently received Bibles in their own language to grow in their faith. 5.Pray for Ruth as she finishes student teaching and prepares to work at Camp Pattersonville this summer, and for Willard as he graduates hi-school and decides what to do next.