Weekly Prayer Bulletin

10/20/2021 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates –10/20/21

Church Family

Pray for Liz who has COVID. She is home from the hospital now, but still on oxygen. Please pray for a full recovery and the health and protection of her 12 yr. old daughter. Also, other family members have come down with Covid, pray for their healing as well.

Pray for Colleen Demaria and her daughter Kate who is struggling. Pray for God's peace, wisdom and strength in their lives.

Donna Rockwell Fell last week and injured her neck and forehead. Her face is bruised and swollen around her eyes. Please pray for her healing and recovery and relief from pain. She is in Albany Medical Center. Pray for Leon as well, that the Lord will strengthen him and keep him healthy.


Glenn and Janet Sebast- (Rock of Ages Ministry, FL) Pray for continued opportunities in prisons to share the Gospel. Pray for 3 meetings coming up next week in both men's and women's facilities. Praise, that recently 8 young men in the Youthful Offender section made professions of faith. Pray for their growth and attendance in future meetings.

Recently, 2 of their supporting pastors passed away and they grieve the loss. Pray for the families and church families of these dear servants of the Lord. 

Continue to pray for Janet and Glenn's health and their children and grandchildren.

Jed and Amy Appell (Indonesia) Pray 'for our strength and patience as we wait to return to the Field'. "Currently, we are waiting for a recommendation letter from our field governmental education department. Once we receive this letter it should only be about two weeks until we receive our visas. Please pray that this letter would come soon."

Alejandro and Ester Teper- (Argentina) * Update: Alejandro's mother, Olga (90), is recovering from surgery to repair a broken hip and and is getting physical therapy. She does not know the Lord as her Savior, but has agreed to read the Bible every day while she is recuperating. Please pray that the Lord will open her heart and that she would be saved.

John and Linda Maynard (WOL, NY) Pray for ministry events and activities coming up this fall. Pray for continued good health, as they both had some medical issues this past year that have been taken care of.

Pray for increased prayer and financial support and for more ministry partners. Pray for the many leaders and pastors they minister to and for more opportunities to connect with churches and youth groups. Pray for their family to continue to grow in the Lord and serve Him, and for John's mother (97) to remain healthy.

*Update-Dan and Ginny Bryant (Senegal, W. Africa) They are grateful to be back in Dakar and living in a bigger home. Since returning, Dan and Ginny have taken 2 young men into their home to live during their schooling. Pray for them to grow in the Lord while there. Their oldest son, Elijah has also returned home to live for several months. He had been working and living in the States with relatives. Pray that the Lord will continue to work in his life and give him direction. Pray for Tobiah and Simkha in school and to adjust to life in Dakar after being away for 2 yrs. Pray for Ginny as she cares for and manages this growing household of 7! Pray for Dan as he works with a team on the missions' teaching program that is used to equip others in W. Africa to reach out and share Christ. Pray for Corbin, still living and working in the U.S.

Pray for their financial needs to be met and that God would supply more monthly support.