Weekly Prayer Bulletin

1/20/2021 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 1/20/21

Sympathy and Prayers to the Chris Cahill family. Peter passed away last Wednesday in S.Carolina from heart complications.

Jessie George's father passed away last week in Florida after a long illness. Pray that the Lord will comfort Jessie and her family at this time.

Pray for PBC Families who have Covid-19 symptoms or tested positively and have to quarantine.

Ellie Barber has had a fever and other Covid symptoms for the past week. Please pray for a full recovery.

Scott Calhoun - Pray for him to resume physical therapy on his hand this week, now that the family is out of quarantine. Pray that he would regain range of motion and for continued healing of his hand.

Vickie Nethaway (Rose Leonard’s sister) She has cancer and is on immunotherapy. She had her 3rd treatment recently and is not doing well. Rose is caring for her. Please Pray that Vickie would respond positively to treatments and for Rose’s strength and health. 


Jeff and Sharon Butler- Continue to pray for our Residency to be completed.

Pray for Lydia and Josh as they start their new life together and to find affordable off-campus housing in VA.

Pray for us as we start up a new Couples Class the end of January.

Praise for 64 Persians who came to know the Lord through Zoom classes, during 2020 and over 190 in our church. Praise the Lord for so many guests who come from Persia!

Marissa Maness (daughter of Glenn and Janet Sebast)

Doctors have seen some slight improvements in Marissa’s health and are encouraged. Continue to pray for strength and healing from brain cancer and for the family Pray for her husband, Pastor Timothy Maness and their three children.

Chip Welton (OAC, Can.) - Pray for Tammy recovering from Bell’s Palsey and her mom, Margaret Bellinger, recovering from Covid. She was treated in the hospital for a time and moved to rehab just before Christmas. 

Pray for Chip to safely continue the street ministry in Calgary and for other opportunities to share the Gospel. 

Continue to pray for the Ministry Team in India, for their safety and protection, and that regulations from the Hindu National Gov’t will not hinder the proclamation of the Gospel.  

Jair and Mely Munoz (Dominican Rep.) Continue to pray for the urgent need for food and money as many people are out of work.

Pray for Cinthia to recover from complications of Covid-19.

Pray that the Timothy Project ministry will be able to start up again in February.