Weekly Prayer Bulletin

01/19/22 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 01/19/22

Church Family

Continued Sympathy and Prayers for the Ellison - Davoll Families as Roger went home to the Lord this past Friday evening Jan. 14.

Kathy- (Patti Bramer's cousin's wife) has some severe health issues, has had several surgeries and complications. Please pray that the Doctors would have wisdom and skill in treating her problems and that she would be able to regain strength and recover from all the surgeries.

Ellie Barber- Pray for physical strength and encouragement. She is house bound and hasn't been able to get out much. She misses church and friends. 


Cecelia Rodriguez – Pray for her as she is experiencing severe dementia and doesn’t always recognize family or loved ones. Pray for Cecelia’s health and for Julio and the family as they care for her.

Donna Rockwell. She is staying in the Johnstown Infirmary to receive care as she has limited mobility and symptoms of dementia. Continue to pray for her health and emotional state, and for Leon as well.


Dan and Ginny Bryant (Senegal, W. Africa) While away visiting and ministering with Chaplains at the Hospital of Hope in Togo last week, they tested positive with Covid. They have had to delay their return to Dakar and their family. Please pray that they would get negative test results soon and that their kids would do well for another week without them. 

Paul O'Bradovic (WOL, NY)- Pray for Paul as he travels to Hudson, FL. on Jan. 29 to participate in the curriculum writing team. Pray for their new Editor and other new writers on the team as they teach, re-write and make lessons better. Pray for God-honoring, teen- relevant lessons to be produced. Pray for no travel issues.

Chip Welton (Canada) – Pray for Chip’s health concerning a bad heart valve. He will have a procedure done on January 22 and then will be scheduled for an Angiogram before mid-March. Pray for continued open doors in Calgary to preach the Gospel. Pray for the work in India concerning government regulations. Praise God that their ministry has

been allowed back in schools in many countries. Praise for God's abundant provision for the work in the 12 countries Chip is overseeing. 

Beto and Crystal Tarasiuk- Pray for physical strength after recovering from Covid last month.

Pray for the growth of their Spanish Church and for Crystal to build relationships with other women. Pray for couples they are ministering to in marriage counseling.

Jed and Amy Appell (Asia- Pacific) Continue to pray for God's will, guidance, and His Timing. After getting to the airport with their family of 10, all their luggage (40 bags), completed paper work and covid test results, the Gov't of their host country changed travel regulations for Covid and they were denied entry. They will remain in the States for another month to meet the requirements. Praise God that they were able to change flight tickets for a nominal fee.