Weekly Prayer Bulletin

4/21/2021 Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates – 4/21/21

Church Family

Jim Gardner- Continue to Pray for Jim’s health concerns. He is living in Wilkinson center now. 

Praise! Ed Leonard has been recovering from a mild stroke he had early in March and was able to attend church this past Sunday. Continue to pray for his full strength to return.

Petra Kelly (daughter of Nathan and Emily) 

Pray for her upcoming surgery to go well and a quick recovery.


Jeff and Sharon Butler:  Praise: Their friend Bella, a believer and Iranian refugee, was released from prison after being held for 2 months. Pray that she will be able to submit paper work and qualify for a new refugee claim.  Praise-She was a faithful witness to other women while in prison.

Pray for healing for Jeff’s “frozen” shoulder. He is having surgery this month and physical therapy to follow.

Joel and Rachel Shelley (Philippines)- They were not able to return to the Philippines in March, but the delay has given them time and opportunity to collect supplies and materials that can be shipped by container overseas. Praise the Lord, they have been given some heavy equipment that can be used at the camp to help clear land and make roads. Pray for them and Joel’s father as they drive from PA to Calif. in May to deliver the equipment and supplies to the ship yard. Joel and Rachel will remain on the W. Coast to visit supporters there before returning to Philippines. Please Pray that the Lord will continue to direct their plans and for their safety and travel. 

(Missionaries Cont.)

Chip Welton (OAC, Can/ Worldwide Proclamation

Pray for the ministry to continue in other countries as they begin to open up from quarantine. Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, and Bahama borders are open, but schools are closed to visitors and for ministry. Pray for Kenya, they are still in shut down. It is very difficult to travel outside Canada, but there is no problem proclaiming Christ on the streets of Calgary!

Jed and Amy Appell - Pray for all their paperwork to be completed in time to return to the Asia Pacific in July. Most of their children need passports renewed. Pray for the rest their financial support to come in. They are currently at 60% of their need.