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Weekly Prayer Bulletin

03/22/23Prayer Bulletin

Prayer Bulletin Updates 3/22/2023

Ed Leonard - He has a heart condition and may need open heart surgery. Please pray for him to have peace of mind and for the Doctors to have wisdom treating him.

Roberta Cole - (Tristan Gordan's grandmother) She was admitted to St. Mary's Hospital last week with fluid in her lungs and for sepsis. Please pray for her and the doctors treating her as well as for the family.

Julianna Spencer- Pray for continued healing of injuries sustained in a recent car accident.

Glenn and Dorothy Budd- (missionaries in Peru) Pray for protection from major flooding across Western Peru.

Grace Lewis- Pray for her son Rich who just had a cast put on his ankle after falling off a roof recently. Pray for quick healing. Pray for safety and protection of her son Brad who is a diver and does welding in the ocean. He will be on a ship for 4 weeks off the coast of R.I. putting in wind turbines.

Vicki Wilson- Continue to pray for her brother- in- law in NC. He is in ICU and doing poorly. He was admitted last month with a collapsed lung and other issues. He is very weak. Please pray that he would be kept comfortable and for Vicki's sister, as she has no family down there to be with her. 

Jessie Jensen- Pease pray for her mom, Cindy Close. She has been in the hospital w/ pneumonia and a collapsed lung. Lots of pain. Pray for her peace, recovery, and for doctors to effectively treat her. Pray for her father who has mild Alzheimer’s who is taking care of Cindy and watching over her. 

Portia- 8 yr. old battling Leukemia for the 2nd time. *Her condition has improved over the past month. She is sitting up in bed and able to take liquids by moth. Please Pray for continued healing and that God would strengthen and encourage her family.

Mason Calhoun- Continue to Pray for recovery from thyroid surgery in which a benign mass was removed. His vocal cords are weak from being stretched and inflammation.  Pray that they will improve quickly with rest and speech therapy. Pray that the Lord will strengthen and encourage Mason as he continues to heal.

Ted and Lois Knapp- Pray for their ongoing health concerns. *Lois has Mesothelioma and has been treated with immuno-therapy. She has had some improvement in her lungs, not retaining as much fluid and the body swelling has gone down. *Ted's heart condition has improved, but now he too is showing signs of lung disease and emphysema. (Apparently, they came in contact with some toxic materials when they were remodeling a house several years ago.) Please pray that the Doctors will have wisdom in treating them and that their health would improve. Pray also that they will be able to move to S.C. and their new house soon.

Donna Rockwell is in a nursing care facility and not able to be at home. She has dementia and some physical disability. Pray for Leon to stay healthy as he takes care of the home and visits Donna every day.

Beth Allen - Pray for her as she deals with her brain tumor. Pray that her headaches and other issues would lessen and not be so severe. She is not able to undergo radiation or surgery and chemo treatments are not recommended. Pray for God's continued Grace, Comfort and Encouragement in her life.